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Does A Housing Downturn Help Real Estate Investors?

As the United States enters a recession, the U.S. housing market is officially in a downturn that could potentially last for 12 months or longer.

The big question that most investors want to know is if a housing market downturn will help the rental market, or hurt it.

Thankfully, whenever the housing market faces a downturn, real estate investors can look for opportunities where economists expect defeat because real estate investors typically benefit the most when home prices fall.

Fewer People Buying, More People Selling

The housing market has been a nonstop boom for the last five to 10 years, especially in Portland Oregon, where home prices have gone through the roof, and in many cases, it’s made it next to impossible for people who earn under $100,000 a year to buy homes.

When it comes to investors, with fewer people buying, and more people selling, this means more properties are available than ever on the market for them to choose from.

Opportunities like this don’t come around very often, the last time that we saw market conditions like this was after the 2008 “Great Recession” when home prices tanked and stayed at record lows for several years.

The current recession is only just beginning, and even though some economists are saying that it’s not going to last very long, it’s likely that we could see this recession last for 12 months or longer.


Is A Housing Crash Coming?

Housing recession usually stems from “speculations.” What does speculation entail? This activity occurs when investors buy houses to make huge profits from them when they make a sale in the future. Speculation creates high demand, invariably skyrocketing the prices of homes. 

With more speculators joining in on the party, an ultimate crash is imminent. When there’s a downturn in the economy, those who took mortgages and loans will find it difficult to clear their debts as interest rates increase. Most investors will seek to sell their properties for lower rates to stay afloat, giving room for lower prices.  

Although a housing recession can negatively impact a country regardless of its economic prowess, it’s vital to understand that these events are usually short-term, meaning that economic recovery is achievable within a short period. Nonetheless, select occurrences can make this recession form last for long periods.


Ultimately, many economists have said that the state of the 2022 housing market is a lot different than what we saw in 2008 because the lending fundamentals are different than back then.

With the market built on stronger fundamentals, it’s likely that the current housing market downturn may not last for as long, or have as great an impact on the economy as some have predicted.

While investors wait for the housing market downturn to end, there’s still going to be a fair number of deals out there including multifamily and single-family homes for sale in Portland, and the greater PDX area.

Also, A Great Opportunity for First Time Investors

Besides being a great opportunity for longtime real estate investors, the current real estate market is also presenting ample opportunities for new real estate investors who are moving from stocks to real estate

Rental real estate presents a “steady Oasis” in any recession because of the simple fact that rental properties continue to earn passive monthly cash flow while most other well-known investments are tanking.

Once they add rental properties to their investment portfolios, some new real estate investors may choose to manage their rental properties themselves, getting first-hand experience in working with tenants, plus overall property management.

Yes, rental properties can be managed by any DIY investor, but the reality is that for passive income, it’s always a better decision for an investor to choose an experienced property manager like rent Portland Homes – Professionals.

When investors choose property managers to manage their rental they could have peace of mind in knowing that all aspects of property management will be handled from start to finish including property marketing, tenant selection, rent collection, maintenance, customer service and so much more.

Besides the ease and convenience of working with a property management company, another benefit is that owners can live anywhere in the United States while having confidence that their rental property is effectively being cared for and maintained by a company property manager.

New investors can take heart that rental real estate will continue to be a steady source of cash flow for them for years to come including good real estate markets, and bad.

What’s also most important to know about the state of the rental market is that with homes still out of reach for many buyers nationwide, rental real estate will continue to be in high demand in the years to come.

Why? People will always need a place to live and search for rental properties in Portland or surrounding areas nationwide.

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Founded by Fred Marlow, our company has decades of combined property management experience in the PDX area. This means that regardless of if you are a new or inexperienced investor, you can have Peace of Mind in knowing that the best property management team in Portland is managing your rental property.

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Top Reasons Why Good Tenants Leave and How to Stop This Trend from Happening

In today’s economy, rental properties are still a great way to build wealth, and passive income, but during the process of owning rentals, every landlord must face the reality that good tenants are going to come and go.

Sadly, there are a wide variety of reasons why good tenants leave but, the reality is that there are several reasons why they leave, and there are solutions that landlords can utilize to keep those tenants for longer than 12 months at a time.


More Affordable Rental Options Are Available For Tenants Locally

One of the first reasons why good tenants leave is because more affordable rentals are becoming available locally.

This is completely understandable because every tenant wants to save money monthly.

Landlords must regularly stay on top of what’s happening in their rental market to avoid losing their good tenants to lower-priced, competitive rentals.

This means taking the time to actively investigate comparable listings in the local area. This research will tell every landlord what other properties nearby are currently renting for and if those properties have any features or amenities that their rental properties don’t currently have.

After doing some comparable research, landlords must consider the price differentials and be willing to lower the monthly rent (if needed), or grant their tenants concessions if the tenant is willing to renew their lease for another 12 months.

Problems With Neighbors

Another common thing that stops good tenants from renewing their leases is when they have problems with neighbors in the area.

By neighbors, we mean other tenants in the same building that they live in or neighbors that may live on the same street.

When problems with neighbors occur, landlords must take their tenant’s feedback into account and work hard to resolve those issues with neighbors immediately because, if the tenant feels uncomfortable living in that rental property, they won’t hesitate to move when their lease is up for renewal.

Promises Were Not Kept

In today’s world, every tenant wants to know that their landlord sees them as more than just to rent check, the tenant wants to know that the landlord is going to keep their promises, especially when it comes to maintenance or repairs that may be needed at the rental property.

If promises are not kept, tenants won’t hesitate to move, especially if the promises that were broken directly affect the tenant’s quality of life living at the rental property.

Landlords who have problems keeping their promises should invest in a calendar-based system that will remind them of the promises that they’ve made and provide them with consistent reminders until they complete the jobs that need to be done.

The Landlord Was Hard to Reach

Besides knowing that they have a landlord who keeps their promises, tenants these days also want to know that their landlord is going to be easily accessible when they need to communicate with them.

Unfortunately, tenants who feel that their landlord is hard to reach or doesn’t respond quickly to their issues won’t think twice to move when their lease is up, especially if the lack of communication with the landlord directly affects their quality of life at the rental property.

Landlords who have difficulty communicating with their tenants should hire a property management company like Rent Portland Homes – Professionals because, our team has an in-house staff that handles everything from tenant selection to maintenance, so landlords don’t have to.

Problems BIG or SMALL Was Ignored

When problems arise, one of the first things every landlord should do is try to resolve the problem immediately, regardless of whether it’s big or small.

In 2022, many landlords often underestimate the importance of resolving problems, especially if it’s something that they consider to be minor that can wait to be resolved for 24 hours, or even over a weekend.

Tenants must know that when problems arise, and as soon as they report them, the landlord will take steps to resolve the issue immediately.

Not Enough Amenities

As more rental properties come on the market, another common reason why good tenants leave is that the property that they are currently living in doesn’t have enough amenities.

Aside from major renovation, there’s not much that a landlord can do to add new amenities to a rental property but, there are improvements that a landlord can make along the way including the following:

  • Adding smart appliances
  • Repainting the property
  • Adding new flooring
  • Adding more security features to the unit
  • Adding on-site storage
  • Adding a dog run

Landlords who are on a budget after COVID-19 can take heart that it’s entirely possible to retrofit a rental property with some of the latest high-tech amenities for under $1000.

Each landlord should make consistent improvements to their rental properties throughout the year because those improvements can often be the deciding factor that motivates a tenant to renew their lease for another 12 months or search for another rental property when their lease is up.

The Tenant Had Unexpected Life Changes

So far, we’ve offered you several common reasons why good tenants typically move out within 12 months, another common reason that good tenants leave is when they have unexpected life changes.

Some of the most common and expected life changes occur when a tenant loses their job, must relocate for a job, gets married, has children, or does something else.

Sadly, there’s not much that the landlord can do when there is an unexpected life change, but when it comes to a job loss, landlords who have good tenants who have paid on time within the last 12 months would be better served to work with the tenant until they start their new job and start earning an income once again.

Taking the time to work with the tenant will preserve that landlord-tenant relationship will be something that motivates them to renew their lease with the landlord once it’s up for renewal.

Do you have rental properties in Portland Oregon that need property management? If so, contact the Rent Portland Homes – Professionals team today by calling us at (503) 646-9664, or clicking here to connect with us online.

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Questions To Ask Your Tenants Before Renting To Them

Are you planning on renting your Beaverton home for the first time? If so, there are a variety of questions that you should ask applicants that will help you to choose the most qualified tenant for your rental property.

Asking the right questions during tenant screening is important because an applicant’s answers to those questions will offer you insight into the type of tenant that they could become.

In this article, we will offer you the top 10 questions that you should ask during the tenant screening process.

When do you plan on moving in?

A good first question for a potential renter is knowing when they plan to move. Maybe they have time left on their current lease and can’t move immediately. In this case, it may be best to find a tenant who can move in immediately to reduce vacancy time.

On the other hand, suppose the current tenant has given two months’ notice, and you have started advertising early. In that case, someone who wants to move immediately wouldn’t be a good match.

How long have you lived at your current address?

A basic tenant screening question is knowing how long they’ve lived at their current place. Their answer can give an idea of their stability as a long-term tenant. For example, have they lived there for less than a year? In that case, it’s good to find out why. It may be because of relocating with work or another legitimate reason. 

A tenant who is constantly on the move may be a sign of a problem tenant, and there’s a risk they won’t stay for the entire lease agreement term. 

Why are you moving?

Moving can be expensive, not to mention stressful. So, it’s worth asking a prospective tenant their reasons for moving. Maybe their current place no longer matches their needs. Or, they may need to live closer to work or family. Was it an increase in rent prices? Regardless of their reason, always do your due diligence during the screening process. 

It’s always a red flag if the tenant lies about their reason for moving. For instance, they say they need to downsize, but you learn from references that they are getting evicted or regularly miss rent payments.

Do you have pets?

If you don’t allow pets in your rental unit, then you must find out about any animals they have. However, even if you have a pet policy allowing animals, you may have restrictions on the size and breed. So, it’s best to find out before signing the rental agreement. Additionally, you can discuss your policy on paying a pet deposit and any additional fees. 

If you allow pet owners to rent, always carry out pet screening beforehand. 

Pro tip: Remember that a service animal isn’t classified as a pet, and you can’t deny housing to someone who has one. You should also check that the emotional support animal letter is genuine.

How many people will be living with you?

Rental laws restrict the number of people per bedroom in a rental unit. If you have a multi-tenancy unit, asking this simple question is essential. In any case, anyone living in the apartment permanently should be named on the lease agreement. 

Are you or anyone who will be living in the apartment smokers?

A vital rental screening question to ask a tenant is if they smoke. Typically, a rental agreement should state your smoking policy and outline the consequences for violating the lease. However, asking if they smoke allows you to assess their reaction. 


What’s your current income?

It’s not impolite to ask a straightforward question about how much a prospective tenant earns. After all, you must know if they can afford the monthly rent or not. Typically, a tenant can afford rent if they spend no more than 30% of their income on housing. According to a Harvard study, the 30% rule “remains a reliable indicator of affordability both over time and across markets.”

If their pay stubs or bank statements reveal a lower amount, you should be extra cautious about renting.

It’s worth noting that reports indicate that nonpayment of rent is the most common reason for evictions. 

Have you ever been evicted?

Asking about previous evictions may reveal why they were forcibly removed from a previous rental unit. Of course, if they were evicted, it’s good to be cautious. But were there extenuating circumstances? Or has enough time passed, and the tenant now has a good credit history for a previous eviction not to be an issue? Again, it’s good to find out. 

Do you have current or previous convictions?

Before asking about a criminal record, it’s crucial to know if any local laws prevent you from inquiring too deeply into this. There’s also grey area surrounding the Fair Housing Act, and if it’s truly legal to ask this question, as it may turn out to be discriminatory. However, if you can inquire about convictions, it’s good to do so. In addition, their criminal history and type of punishment could indicate if they are a suitable candidate for renting. 

Be very careful not to ask about arrests. It’s generally illegal to ask about previous arrests when conducting a screening interview. Arrests don’t always lead to convictions. 

Can you pay the security deposit and one month’s rent at the lease signing?

The last question is to ensure that the tenant can pay the upfront costs of renting. At the same time, you can ask if the potential tenant has any questions for you.


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Has Their Guest Become a Tenant? Here Are 5 Ways to Know

One important scenario that you may encounter as a landlord is when your guest has a tenant who stays longer than expected.

As a landlord, one of the most important things you must do is enforce your lease because, if your tenants invite guests to live with them for weeks, or months at a time, they are in direct violation of the lease and should be held accountable.

If you’ve never encountered this situation before, this article will share with you five ways to know when a tenant has become a guest and how you must deal with it.

#1 – They’ve Stayed Longer Than 2 Weeks

One of the first ways to know that a guest can now be classified as a tenant is when they stay in your rental property for more than two weeks.

Two weeks is the most common length of time that anyone will go on vacation or visit family members for an extended stay. If your tenant has guests that are staying for longer than that period you must A. Contact your tenant and inform them, they are violating the lease, and B. Their guest must be added to the lease if they are going to be living there.


#2 – The Guest Is Moving Their Belongings In

Another easy way to tell if your tenant has guests that can now be classified as tenants themselves is if those guests are moving their personal belongings into the rental property.

It’s very uncommon for people to travel with anything other than just a few bags of luggage so, if you spot your tenant’s guests slowly but surely moving their personal belongings into the rental property, this is a sign that they are planning on staying for a longer period.

#3 – They Are Paying the Rent

If you’re still unsure that your tenant has guests that can now be classified as tenants, another easy way to know for certain is that the guest is now a tenant as if the guest starts paying the rent.

Paying the rent is a clear sign that the guest is planning on staying for longer than two weeks and it shows that they are more than just a guest who will be gone soon.

It’s never a good idea to accept rent payment from a guest because this implies that you’ve entered into an informal landlord-tenant agreement with them, and that guest can now enjoy the same rights and privileges as the tenant who is currently on the lease.

#4 – Your Mailing Address Is Now ‘Their’ Mailing Address

A mailing address is a very personal thing since it’s also part of a person’s identity so if your guest tenant is now using the tenant’s mailing address as their mailing address, this should also be another clear indicator that they can now be a tenant themselves who is living at that rental property full time.

#5 – You’ve Spoken with Them About Maintenance Requests

Last of all, but most important, another sign that a tenant has become a guest is when the guest is submitting maintenance requests to you.

The average guest will not contact a landlord or an owner about maintenance issues unless they are planning on living on the property for any length of time so if your tenants’ guests begin communicating with you regarding things that need to be repaired or replaced at the rental property, this is another easy to decipher sign that they are now living in that property full time.

How To Deal with Guests Who Overstay Their Welcome

There’s no denying that the rental market has changed drastically over the last two years and some people are letting their friends/family members stay with them to keep them off the streets.

Obviously, your goal is not to be the bad guy, but, your rental property is still a business, and you must enforce your lease, otherwise, your tenants will continue to walk all over you during the length of time that they’re living in your property.

Here are several things that you can do to deal with guests who have overstayed their welcome:

Communicate – If you currently have a lease with a clause regarding how long tenants can have guests, you should contact your tenant if you’ve noticed that their guest has stayed with them for more than two weeks at a time.

Talk with your them one-on-one to let them know that the guest must leave and if they informed you that they are trying to keep their friend or family member off the street, you should direct them to local social services so that their guest can find an alternative place to live.

Enforce – After you’ve taken the time to communicate with your tenant, they must be made aware that you plan on enforcing your lease, including requiring them to cure or quit.

This means that if they do not ask their guests to leave, the tenant will face eviction and since no tenant wants to be evicted, especially since COVID, it’s highly likely that they will take the steps to ask guests to leave the rental property before their landlord moves forward with the eviction process.

Keep in mind that someone who’s living in your rental property illegally in some cases may enjoy the same rights and privileges as the tenant, so it’s important to consult with your attorney before you take the steps to move forward with the eviction process.

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