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The ABCs of Renting Your Property to Tenants: A Beginner’s Guide

With the slowdown of home sales in the real estate market, more homeowners are stuck with homes that they thought would sell and they are now considering renting those homes to tenants. This is to be expected because many homeowners have already moved on to bigger and better properties even though their first homes didn’t…
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Top Reasons Why Good Tenants Leave and How to Stop This Trend from Happening

In today’s economy, rental properties are still a great way to build wealth, and passive income, but during the process of owning rentals, every landlord must face the reality that good tenants are going to come and go. Sadly, there are a wide variety of reasons why good tenants leave but, the reality is that…
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Tips For Lowering Vacancy Rates and Increasing Renewals

Vacancy is something that every landlord must be ready for sooner rather than later because is comes with owning rental properties in Beaverton Oregon, and elsewhere in the United States. Thankfully, landlords can lower vacancy rates while increasing renewals by following these tips. Tips For Lowering Vacancy Rates One of the best things that every…
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Strategies That Help Landlords Avoid Eviction

Since the end of the pandemic, evictions have been on the rise in Portland, and across the entire state of Oregon. Even though eviction is something that every landlord must deal with at some point, the reality is that it’s entirely possible for landlords to avoid evicting tenants if they use the right strategies to…
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