Senate Bill 611: Changes to Maximum Allowable Annual Rent Increases

2023 has been a tough year for Oregon tenants as rents continue to increase statewide. In a move to curb rising rental costs and protect the rights of tenants, Governor Kotek has signed Senate Bill 611.

This bill introduces significant changes to how the maximum allowable annual rent increase percentage is calculated for residential tenancies in the state.

In this article, we will break down SB 611 and provide more information so that housing providers and tenants both know how it will affect Oregon’s rental market.

Understanding SB 611

Under SB 611, the maximum allowable annual rent increase percentage is calculated based on two criteria. The landlord must adhere to the lesser of the following:

Ten percent; or Seven percent plus the September annual 12-month average change in the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Customers.

This calculation ensures that landlords cannot impose exorbitant rent increases on tenants and provides a fair and reasonable approach to balancing the interests of both parties.

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There Will Be Limitations on Rent Increases

SB 611 also introduces limitations on how often a landlord can increase the rent during a tenancy. Apart from week-to-week tenancies, landlords are now prohibited from increasing the rent more than once within any 12 months. This provision aims to provide stability and predictability for tenants, ensuring that they are not subjected to frequent and potentially unaffordable rent hikes.

Effective Immediately

It is essential to note that SB 611 took effect immediately upon Governor Kotek’s signature. As such, it applies to all notices of rent increase delivered on or after July 6, 2023. Landlords and tenants should familiarize themselves with the new legislation and ensure compliance with its provisions.

In addition to the changes introduced by SB 611, it is worth noting that the bill seeks to address the issue of affordable housing and the challenges faced by renters in the current market. By implementing stricter regulations on rent increases, the aim is to create a more stable and affordable rental market for tenants across the state.


Senate Bill 611 brings significant changes to the calculation of the maximum allowable annual rent increase percentage for residential tenancies in the state.

By introducing limitations on rent increases and providing a fair calculation method, the bill aims to protect tenants from excessive rental costs while ensuring landlords can still maintain their investments. Housing providers and tenants must familiarize themselves with the new legislation and seek legal guidance when needed. With the implementation of SB 611, the state takes a step towards creating a more stable and affordable rental market for all parties involved.

While SB 611 outlines the key changes to maximum allowable annual rent increases, housing providers and tenants must seek legal advice for specific situations. Consulting a legal professional, or property manager, can help clarify any uncertainties and ensure that both parties understand their rights and obligations under the new legislation.

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