Buying a Property That Will Earn You Rent: A Real Estate Investing Starter Guide

Real estate investing can be a great way to build wealth over time. When you invest in real estate, you don’t just get a second home that you can visit on the weekends or a beautiful space to throw parties; you also get an asset that can generate cash flow.

If your goal is to build long-term wealth through real estate investing, buying properties that will generate income from rent is essential.

In this article, we’ll explain what it means to buy a property that will earn you rent and give you pointers on where to find properties like these and how much you should pay for them. Let’s dive in!

What Does It Mean to Buy a Property That Will Earn You Rent?

If you buy a property that you can rent out, you’re essentially operating as a landlord. If you’ve ever been a landlord, you know it can be a full-time job, but it’s worth it if you can find the right tenants and charge a fair price for the rent.

And if you’re buying a property that will be rented out and generating your income, you want to make sure to buy a property that will give you a good chance of having great tenants, paying rent reliably on time, and having a low vacancy rate.

How to Find Properties That Earn You Rent

Before you start looking for properties that will earn you rent, you need to have a specific type of property in mind.

If you don’t know what kind of property you’re looking for, you’ll have a much harder time finding the right one. Here are a few things to think about when choosing a property:

Location – This may sound obvious, but it’s one of the most important factors when picking a property to buy.

You want to make sure your property is in a neighborhood that will appeal to tenants.

When picking a neighborhood, consider factors like crime rates, local schools, job growth, public transportation, and walkability.

You should also make sure the neighborhood has a below-average vacancy rate.

Property type – You’ll want to choose a tenant-friendly property type, such as a single-family home, a duplex, or an apartment building.

Property condition – You’ll want to make sure the property you buy is in good condition. If repairs need to be made, make sure to factor that into the price you pay for the property.

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Real Estate Investing Tips for Finding a Property to Buy that Will Earn You Rent

Start looking for properties that earn you rent sooner rather than later – The earlier you start looking, the more time you’ll have to find the right deal, which will make your investing process easier.

Be open to different neighborhoods – Be sure to look in all different kinds of neighborhoods because you might find a great deal in a neighborhood that isn’t super desirable right now. Be flexible with your budget – You might find a great deal on a property that’s outside your budget. It’s important to be flexible with your budget because you don’t want to pass up a great deal just because it’s out of your price range.

Find a great realtor – A great realtor can help you find properties that earn you rent, walk you through the process of buying a property, and help you get a good price for the property you’re selling. A realtor can be an invaluable resource for any real estate investor.


3 Types of Properties that Will Earn You Cash Flow

When you buy a property that will earn you rent, you want to make sure it’ll give you a steady stream of income over time. If you buy a property that only brings in a few thousand dollars in rent, you may not have enough income to make the investment worth it.

To make sure you buy a property that will earn you cash flow over time, you’ll want to choose a rental property that has a high rental yield, below-average vacancy rates, and low maintenance costs.

These three factors help ensure that your rental property will continue to be a reliable source of income for years to come.

Apartment building – An apartment building is a great property to buy if you want to earn cash flow from the get-go. It’s one of the most expensive properties to buy, but it’s also one of the most reliable sources of income since you’ll have a long-term tenant at one location.

Single-family home – A single-family home is a great property to buy if you want a blend of both long-term and short-term tenants. It generally takes longer to find tenants for a single-family home than for an apartment building, but once you do, the tenants tend to stay for a long time.

Duplex A duplex is a good choice if you’re looking for a lower-maintenance property and you don’t mind doing some work to keep both halves of the building in good condition. The lower maintenance costs are one of the biggest advantages of buying a duplex, but they also come with the disadvantage of a smaller profit margin compared to a single-family home or apartment building.

Wrapping up

Buying a property that will earn you rent is a great way to start your real estate investing journey. When you buy a property that will earn you rent, you’re buying an asset that will continue to bring in steady income for years to come.

When you’re picking a property to buy, be sure to find one that is in good condition, in a desirable neighborhood, costs less than $350,000, and has a high rental yield. Once you’ve found the right property, make sure to put in the work to make sure it stays in good condition, and you’ll have a reliable source of income for years to come.

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