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Portland Oregon Ranks Among Top 20 Cities In United States For Networking

Portland Oregon Ranks Among Top 20 Cities In United States For Networking

Portland Oregon Networking

Searching for another reason to move to Portland Oregon? Thanks to a recent study by Commercial Cafe, we know that Portland has ranked among the top 20 states for networking.

Networking is essential especially for business, and there are a wide variety of venues to connect with people in the PDX area including breweries, bars, restaurants, gyms, health clubs and countless destinations for outdoor enthusiasts.

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About The Study

Portland ranked as the 13th-best city for networking in the country. The city ranked 6th for its number of networking events (227) and claimed the 7th-highest level of educational attainment across the top 20 list (51% of its population earned at least a bachelor’s degree.

NYC Is No Longer A Top City For Networking

In 1985, telecommunications expert and consultant Bill Lewis wrote a news article in which he first coined the term ‘networking’ to describe interactions between individuals looking to strengthen their businesses. The term caught on, as it gives a name to one of the most important steps for the success of both companies and professionals. And, in light of the growing trend towards hybrid work, being purposeful about one’s networking efforts has become even more crucial in career advancement and a company’s success.

So, because cities play a big part in nurturing a business-friendly environment and creating the spaces and opportunities that incentivize people to come together, we decided to look at the top 20 U.S. cities for networking.

However, our aim was to look beyond the obvious pull of New York City for all things business related. To that end, we looked at cities with more than 200,000 residents and ranked these across three compound metrics – networking opportunities; social and economic; and event-hosting capabilities – each of which in turn had various points allocated to their specific indicators. For more details, please read our methodology section.

Notably, the nationwide ranking revealed a few interesting highlights, such as Houston leading the list with a total of 66 points. However, looking at the highest-ranking entries for each of the compound metrics, we find Denver in first place for the networking category; San Francisco leading the social and economic index; and Houston dominating the list for event venues.

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